When things start cooling down at home I find myself dreaming about escaping to the opposite side of the world.
One place at the top of my Bucketlist..The Maldives. Where would you escape to?

I’m so excited about the Samantha Wills Season 2 Eyewear collection Antiscians

“Two inhabitants of the Earth, living on different sides of the equator, whose shadows at noon are cast in opposite directions”

Did you know the summer solstice occurs when the tilt of the planet’s semi-axis is most inclined toward the star that it orbits,  in either northern or southern hemispheres,
This happens twice each year (once in each hemisphere), at which times the Sun reaches its highest position in the sky as seen from the north or the south pole. The summer solstice occurs during a hemisphere’s summer. This is the northern solstice in the northern hemisphere and the southern solstice in the southern hemisphere. Depending on the shift of the calendar, the summer solstice occurs some time between June 20 and June 22 in the northern hemisphere and between December 20 and December 23 each year in the southern hemisphere.

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In order; Gooseberry bikini, Lack of Colour hat, Topshop button up,  SW Drew Dark grey/black.
Triangl Bikini, SW Drew black,
Lack of Colour hat, Saboskirt top ,
H&M tee, Rollas denim shorts, SW Luxe black, Adidas sneakers.

Beauty and balance

In the lead up to my engagement I was in desparete need of getting my skin back in check after some serious neglect! Traveling so much with work and with every day being different I find it so hard to have a routine and to de stress. I had a friend recommend MISS FRANC and after one visit I’d found my new go-to beauty place.

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MISS FRANC‘s goal is to create a brand which resembles her beliefs in corrective and preventative anti-ageing skin treatments. “Beauty is more than skin deep and I believe it’s essential that my patients are educated on holistic living as well”.

What I’ve learnt from MISS FRANC


– Sleep deprivation can cause premature ageing, i.e. Lines, uneven pigmentation, reduced skin elasticity. 

– It is a common misconception that sleep needs decline with age. In fact, research demonstrates that our sleep needs remain constant throughout adulthood.

– Many people give up sleep to make room for work and leisure. An adequate amount of sleep is as important as an adequate amount of exercise. 


– Builds bone mass

– Increases cardiovascular output-through increased circulation, blood flow and oxygenation. 

– Releases serotonin-fights depression.

– Exercise early morning and late afternoon to avoid harsh UV Rays.


– Eating wisely is really the key to keeping young.

– Green tea (antioxidants) and diet rich in Omega 3’s (preserves telomeres).


– Focus as much on what you put in your body as on what what you put on your skin. The skin is the largest organ after all, so diet directly affects how you visibly age.

– you can decrease your chances of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.


– Positive people live an average of 7.5yrs longer.

– Not taking things or yourself too seriously and having a life full of LOVE, LAUGHTER, FUN & COMPASSION.

– Never stop learning or trying new things.


– As we get older, our skin begins to feel dry and rough. Many people mistakenly believe this is down to dehydration and that drinking more water is the answer. It’s not. 

– As we age, the top layer of skin – the epidermis – becomes less effective at carrying out it’s main function in life, which is acting as a barrier to the outside world and preserving water within the skin. As a result, water is lost to the environment and the skin looks and feels dry. 

– Drinking more water won’t correct this, but a good moisturiser will. A good moisturiser not only contains water and moisture, it also contains ingredients that are designed to repair the skins barrier function. 

The treatment I love most for my skin is the Enzyme Facial.
Next month I’ll be trailing the Herbal Enzyme peels in conjunction with the Enzyme facials to target my pigmentation issues and really hydrate my skin.
Below you’ll find a few Q&A’s between myself and MISS FRANC that may possibly help you

Q1. What do you love bout enzyme facials

This enzyme peel will exfoliate and purify tired lacklustre skin. You will walk away with smooth skin and an overall youthful boost.

This Facial treatment is non-abrasive and leaves your skin soft, revitalised and radiant. It contains natural fruit enzymes of papaya and pineapple to exfoliate, calm and clarify the complexion. Rich in milk protein, antioxidant rich vitamin E and marine algae to repair, nourish and protect your skin. This rejuvenating enzyme peel will gently remove the outer layer of skin to reveal fresher, brighter and more youthful looking complexion in just a few days.

This enzyme peel will exfoliate and purify tired lacklustre skin. You will walk away with smooth skin and an overall youthful boost.

Q2. What treatments do you recommend/ do at your clinic for sun damaged skin

Our Brighten Up facial is a corrective treatment that begins with a herbal enzyme peel specially formulated to lift dull and discoloured skin. We then apply a botanical skin brightener to treat the effects of sun damage and even out your skin tone.

This invigorating treatment is packed with goodies from nature’s kitchen; pomegranates, white tea, liquorice and the harnessing power of vitamin C to leave your skin instantly brighter, radiant and a healthy glow. A luxurious mask and sun-protecting treatment will complete the experience to achieve flawless-looking skin.

MISS FRANC loves this treatment as not only will it target hyper-pigmentation but also help to improve your overall skin health and give a rejuvenated glow. Your skin’s future is now bright.

Q3.  What do you believe is the key to keeping your skin youthful?

Lets face it, there are constant write ups in magazines, blogs and on TV that try to plug a product a diet or a work out routine that claims to have the secret to “youth” and then to top it off…having a “celebrity” paid to endorse it!

The answer to this question is actually quite SIMPLE. I go by two simple rules for those who are just starting to recognise the signs of ageing…

Rule #1 – everything in moderation – so have a piece of chocolate or a glass of wine, but not the whole block and aim for darkish not milkish, and certainly not the whole bottle of red, maybe a glass or two a couple of times in the week. Keep out of the sun, but don’t avoid it completely. 15-20mins of vitamin D is needed daily, and NO…the solarium is NOT a substitute. 

Rule #2 – Consistency is key – Whatever you are doing to better your mind body and soul, be consistent with it, make time to practise a little each day, even if it means sacrificing your favourite show or cancelling a Tinder date, DO IT!

 Learn more about facials by MISS FRANC here

To book a consult with Fran Ph – 02 8937 0692
or email enquiries to

throwback to dubai

Looking back at my short visit to Dubai and what an incredible trip it was.
To think I managed to do what I did in just 5 days.
I’ve just published a short video to Youtube from the trip also
View here
See my recent Bucket list article here if you plan on visiting Dubai soon

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Wearing: Black and white striped dress White fox boutique, Giraffe print dress & sandals – jam squared style, Bikini – Peony Swimwear, Black skirt – Keepsake the label, Chocolate tee by Wildfox Couture

For any info or questions feel free to contact me

 Thanks to everyone involved for an amazing trip
Dubai Tourism
Nuffnang Australia
Arabian Adventures
Taj Hotel Dubai

Happy travels x

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