It’s no surprise that Mexico didn’t disappoint again. This trip we spent our time in Cancun and Isla Mujeres. Having been there for a friends wedding, most of our time was spent around the pool with friends, cocktail in hand.

We stayed at Dreams Resort. It was so good. So many food options and I loved the bars! Do Tepanyaki if you decide to stay here.
Our room was absolutely amazing. Complete with welcome treats and a jacuzzi ready for us to relax in.

We did a boat tour out from Isla Mujeres which was pretty cool. They took us to a little island for lunch that I cannot of the life of me remember where we could swim with nurse sharks and lay about.

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Bucket list

After my recent trip to Dubai I set out to write a few articles on my new experiences.
This brought up previous experiences I’ve had during my travels and a few goals I made for myself but never bothered to write down.
I see and hear so much about Bucket List’s and the worthy adventures, activities and locations people are determined to visit before they die and it inspired me to write a list of my own.
I write to-do-lists as though I have a serious memory problem so I’m surprised I don’t have an actual ‘Bucket List’ until now..
In bold are thing’s I’ve done and some I’ve done recently that I wanted to share with you so you know what I consider to be Bucket List worthy stuff.
I managed to tick off  5 things in just a short trip to Dubai.

Hopefully this inspires you to write your own list. Things to achieve and something to always look forward to.

~ ~~

  • Stay in a bungalow – Maldives
  • Sleep in a cave
  • Sky Dive over the palm – Dubai
  • Machu Picchu / Inca trail Peru
  • Northern lights – Alaska
  • New York for Christmas
  • Time Square for New Years
  • Live in New York
  • Canada for Christmas
  • X- Games
  • White Christmas
  • Gondola ride – Venice
  • Hot air balloon over the desert at sunrise
  • Notre Dame – Montreal
  • Shark Dive anywhere
  • Alcatraz – San Fran
  • Have a Christmas Tree inside my hotel room
  • Runyon Canyon
  • Dog sled in the snow
  • Swim with dolphins in Hawaii
  • Swim with Pink dolphins – Amazon
  • Sail around the Amalfi Coast
  • Jet boat in New Zealand
  • Become friends with a movie star
  • Become a movie star
  • Be in a reality TV show
  • Travel around Morocco
  • Ride a Camel
  • Sail around the Greek Islands
  • Sail Croatia
  • Throw a masquerade party
  • Drive Dune Buggies through the desert
  • Be on the cover of a magazine
  • Go on a cruise
  • Road trip through U.S country towns
  • Graceland
  • Invent something
  • Be a millionaire
  • Buy a yacht
  • or atleast hire one for a week
  • Order one of everything on a menu
  • Dead Sea – Jordan
  • Join an Exclusive Club
  • Learn to read music
  • Book out a High Roller room in Vegas
  • Santacon in New York
  • Swim with Turtles
  • Go on a Safari in Africa
  • Do an Arabian Safari
  • Super Bowl
  • See a college football game
  • Do 4th of July weekend
  • Learn to Surf
  • Fly first class
  • Hot Springs in Japan
  • Fly in a private jet
  • Book a random holiday
  • Do Route 66
  • Burj Khalifa – Dubai
  • Playboy Mansion
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Yacht Week Croatia
  • Maya Ruins – Tulum Mexico
  • Deans Blue Hole Bahamas
  • Bahamian Pigs
  • Great Wall of China
  • Live in LA for summer
  • Pyramids in Egypt
  • Burning Man
  • Coachella
  • Cenotes in Mexico
  • Underwater scooter race – Mexico
  • Dry July
  • Be a vegan for a week
  • Get engaged
  • Build my own house
  • Ride an Elephant
  • Spend a week in Santorini
  • Peurto Rico
  • Stay in a Castle somewhere
  • Feed a Monkey
  • Ice skate in central Park
  • Stay at the Plaza Hotel and order room service like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone
  • Ride a horse along a beach
  • Ride a horse anywhere
  • Heli ride over Grand Canyon
  • Stay at an underwater hotel
  • Running with the bulls – Spain
  • Floating markets Vietnam
  • Open a franchise
  • Open an In N Out franchise
  • Cannes Film Festival
  • Buy a Range Rover
  • Alcatraz
  • New York Fashion Week
  • Stick to a detox for a solid week
  • Do charity work
  • Marry someone who I can say is my best friend
  • Have a baby
  • Buy a puppy
  • Hike a volcano
  • Climb the Eiffel tower
  • Drive a Nascar
  • Miami Swim Week
  • Eat pizza every day in Italy
  • Eat Belgium waffles in Belgium
  • Kawasan Falls Phillipines
  • Sandboard in Peru
  • Iceland
  • Stay overnight in a treehouse
  • Camp on a roof in Turkey to watch the hot air balloons at sunrise
  • Canoe through a Canadian Lake


Burj Khalifa: The tallest artificial structure in the world, standing at 829.8 m – 163 stories high.
Prepare for a little vertigo. After looking out over the city and as far as I could see. I lasted about half an hour before feeling a little woozy. Great place to come and get some cool pics!
See my experience here

Hot Air Balloon over the desert at sunrise: This was an absolutely amazing experience. Something I’d definitely recommend to anyone going to Dubai. Read more about my experience in a recent post here and here

 Dune Buggy’s in the desert: This was by far one of the funnest things I’ve ever done. Get a few buggy’s going at once. If you’re not too scared to drive a little wild. I wasn’t hoping to flip but I wasn’t trying to avoid it much either……


Visit to book in your next desert adventure and start ticking items off your bucket list

All images were taken with- PEN E-PL7 by Olympus


An incredibly beautiful space transformed and created for ILVE appliances
Italians sure know how to get people together with food.
I had the pleasure of having dinner cooked for me by Giovanni Pilu of Pilu at Freshwater in the Northern Beaches.
As usual I loaded up on the canapés not realising there were several courses to follow.
Thanks for a fun night guys.
I know where my oven will be coming from when I move home 😉😊

kate-boissett-ilve-1Kate boissett ILVE 4kate-boissett-ilve-4Kate boissett ILVE 5kate-boissett-ilve-10kate-boissett-ilve-2Kate boissett ILVE 6
kate-boissett-ilve-9 kate-boissett-ilve-14

kate-boissett-ilve-15kate-boissett-ilve-6 kate-boissett-ilve-18kate-boissett-ilve-5kate-boissett-ilve-17kate-boissett-ilve-11kate-boissett-ilve-19kate-boissett-ilve-7kate-boissett-ilve-12
Pics of me by @sydneyeventmedia

high sunrise

I don’t know what I like better.. A beautiful sunrise or a beautiful sunset.
.. Which do you prefer?
If you had the choice of doing an activity at one or the other what would it be?

If you’ve never experienced a Hot Air Balloon ride at sunrise then you must do this when you visit Dubai.
We did our ride through Ballooning UAE it was such an amazing experience.
We were picked up at our hotel at approx 5am to head to the desert.
With a few other hotel stops to fill the basket we were at our loading spot within half hour.
You can’t take bags on with you so if you’re wanting to take a few things along like a Go-Pro/ camera/phone for Snapchat like I did then make sure you have pockets or the devices have straps because you have to run to get into the basket quite quickly haha The basket waits for nobody! 
In saying this, don’t wear anything slightly restricting for what involves leaps and bounds!



Hot air balloon kboissett 4

Witness a breathtaking sunrise with the backdrop of the majestic Hajjar Mountains and be welcomed by the warmth of the desert people at the landing.
Balloon Adventures Emirates is one of the world’s most experienced hot air balloon companies with operations in the UAE and in Europe. A world leader in flying passenger balloons! Hot air balloon kboissett 2 Hot air balloon kboissett 1


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ballooning UAE 1 kboissett Ballooning UAE Kboissett 2 Hot air balloon kboissett 6 Hot air balloon kboissett 3

Video coming soon

All images were taken with the PEN E-PL7 by Olympus

Safe travels


sunset safari

The desert is so mysterious. When you look around it just seems to go forever. It’s so quiet out there all you can hear is the light breeze (if there is one) unless you happen to be whipping around in a 4wd…

Thanks to Arabian Adventures that’s what we I got up to. Picked up from our hotel by trained safari guides we went out for an afternoon of dune buggy drives, camel rides, belly dancing and a traditional Arabian feast to follow.  The tour is only 375 dirham (approx AUD$140)
see more here The tour I did was called there ‘Sundowner’ – Highly Recommend.

Not only can you ride a camel out here but you can watch them race. I didn’t know Camel racing was even a thing!

kboissett dubai adv 2 kb by Misterweekender kate boissett adv 8 kate boissett dubai adv

kboissett dubai adv 3 kate boissett adv 6 k boissett desert adv 5wearing  JamSquaredstyle

Thank you & Dubai Tourism

All images – PEN E-PL7 by Olympus