New York, NY

I absolutely love New York. For so many reasons, but I wonder if mainly for the food.
There are just so many options it’s crazy and some could argue worth being fat for.
Almost every corner a coffee shop, pretzl or hot dog cart. Streets filled with cool eateries, grocery stores and deli’s.
Every borough seems filled with unlimited restaurants, bars and cafes.
There are just so many options so I thought it best to put a list together of them, because sometimes it’s best to plan ahead when you have limited time, can’t think of what to eat or be bothered to review read.
Below are some places I’ve been and some on the list for next time:

Baohaus 🍣
Roberts pizza 🍕
Randolph beer – serve your own 🍻
Pig and Khao – Pad Thai pancakes 🌶🥞
The Smith – Mac & Cheese 🧀🍝
Levain Bakery 🍪🍪
El toro blanco 🌮
MJ steakhouse 🐮
Lavo 🍖🍾🥃
Patrizias 🍝🍕
Charlie Palmers Steakhouse 🐮
Kola house 🍹🍗🍔
AOC – French Resteraunt 🐌🥖🥐
Chikaliciois 🍮🍦🍰
Cha Cha matcha 🍵
Buns Bar Burgers 🍔
Vinnies Pizza 🍕🍕
Meatball Shop 🍝
Bb.q Chicken 🍖🍗
LAN Larb Thai 🌶🍜
Burrito box 🌮
Momofuku 🍜🌶
Oppa New Korean Market 🍝🍗🍲🌮
Blue Ribbon Chicken 🍗🍖
Sarges Deli 🌯🥒🥗
Wow Fulls 🎂🍧🍭
Black Tap 🍗🍻
Luke’s Lobster 🦐
BarPitti 🍝
Balthazar 🥓🍳
Buddakan 🐲
International Wings Factory 🐥
Wagamama Noodle Bar 🍜
Le Boite En Bois 👨🏻
Big Mozz 🧀
Lombardis Pizza 🍕
Prontito Hot Dogs 🌭
Le Rivage 🐌
Sushisamba 🍣
Toms Restaurant – Seinfeld 🥓🍳
Koronet Pizza 🍕
Mr Bing – Peking Duck Pancakes 🥞
Katz’s Deli 🍔
Pommes Frites 🍟
Empire Diner 🍧
China Town 🍣
J.G Melon Burgers 🍔
Tony Boloneys 🍕
The Ainsworth 🍔🍗🍻
Crif dogs 🌭
Le Coucou 🐌
Jack’s Wife Freda  🥓🍳
Robertas Pizza🍕
Mexico 2000 Williamsburg 🌮
Sons of Essex 🍗🐮🥃🍹🍸
Beauty & Essex  🍗🐮🥃🍹🍸

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