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“Let your life be shaped by the decisions you made, not by the ones you didn’t”

I’ve spent so much time traveling the last couple of years and not locked into a 9-5 and I wouldn’t change a single part of it. Not the money spent, nor the money I didn’t make while being away.  Maybe the flight delays, breaking my laptop and that time I fully stacked it in a hurry to get through customs in front of atleast 100 people, but other than that, nothing.
I think traveling is such an important part of life. Exploring new places and cultures and seeing parts of the world so far from our own that we simply get lost in excitement and the thought of making memories you can cherish forever.

California is one of my favourite places. Everywhere from the little sports bar we frequent, to the stretch of beaches in Malibu, Santa Monica Pier,  the giant shrimp in San Fran, Rodeo Drive. The list goes on.

For this trip I hadn’t pre-booked a hire car and a couple hotels here and there because I didn’t want an exact plan. Sometimes you wake up keen for something different or you find out about something new  you’d prefer to do.
I realise this option is generally only ok if you have the time, but even if you don’t, sometimes things work out best when you wing it.
Uber’s great, but if you’re keen on having you’re own wheels, check out SKURT to get from A to B.
I decided on a convertible mustang – top down scenario and all.
With the quickest application via an app on my phone, the car was delivered straight to my hotel room I didn’t even have to speak to anyone.
We stayed at the W hotel in West Beverly Hills/Westwood.
The hotel is in walking distance to so many cool little shops, cafes and bars. As a buffer from the jetlag to Vegas, I fell asleep around the pool after a tasty lunch and cocktail.

If you’re interested in doing things like seeing a baseball game or theme park, Staples Centre and Universal Studios are within half hour drive or so from the hotel and Santa Monica Pier is around 15 minutes . If you’re keen on the Hollywood sign thing, something I’v been wanting to do for years and still haven’t, Griffith Park is  about 45 mins away.

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Exploring with SKURT:  From LA we hit the road for Vegas.
I love the Vegas. Every time I leave, I feel so weathered and unhealthy. Worth it though.
This time we were lucky enough to have about 30 of us for a friends wedding later to be in Mexico.

VEGAS:  We did dinner at Firefly on the Friday night and had an upper bungalow at Drais Beach club the Saturday. Insane spot to spend a day! The rest of my time was spent hungover, so I basically have nothing else to report.

With a plan to head up to Laguna, Newport etc from Vegas, we ended up at Manhattan Beach.
Such a beautiful place I’m definitely staying there next time.

VENICE: Getting back from Vegas we weren’t sure where we wanted to stay. I just knew I wanted to be close to Abbott Kinney but also Santa Monica. We found this cool little apartment block last minute called Venice Breeze Suites. An old building right on the boardwalk. If you don’t mind the bongo playing, street artists/bums, which you shouldn’t, they’re totally harmless and too busy being high all the time, it’s a great spot to stay.  With Santa Monica Pier at one end and Marina Del Ray at the other. Theres a beach and bike path running parallel that spans about 25 miles. Famous Muscle Beach and the skate park are basically just out the front and there’s always filming of TV shows and commercials happening. We had an ocean front suite on level 2. I wouldn’t go any lower and I’d only stay here if you had an ocean view room. Great for people watching and a view of the beach. There’s a fire escape/balcony right at our door and a rooftop area with a grill that has panoramic views.

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