Backstage mbfwa 15

Last week at Mercedes Benz fashion Week in Australia I had the pleasure of ducking backstage for a few designers.
It’s amazing how much chaos is happening that you just don’t imagine happening when you’re on the other side of that wall.


Amazing Hairstyles at IXIAH

FW36 FW37 FW38 FW40 FW41 FW43 FW48 FW47 FW45

Backstage Gypsea Swimwear:FW67


Backstage for We Are Handsome: Video coming soon


Backstage for Zingiber:

FW68 FW70 FW76 FW77 FW72 FW73

FW78 FW79 FW80 fw81 FW82 FW83 FW85

Interviews & Video coming soon

Photos by me